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References for fuzzy-string processing

Theory of Damerau-Levenshtein distance

Damerau-Levenshtein distance (DLD) algorithm (wikipedia.org)

Computing Levenshtein and Damerau Edit Distances by Heikki Hyyrö (University of Tampere, from Esko Ukkonen)

Other Demonstration Calculators

Levenshtein Demo (set all the Weights to 1 for Damerau-Levenshtein) by Peter Kleiweg

Classroom Demonstration Tool for the Levenshtein Edit Distance Algorithm (javascript demo) by Dr. E. Garcia (from Lukasz Stilger)

Levenshtein Distance, in Three Flavors (java demo) by Michael Gilleland

Other Transact-SQL implementations

Levenshtein Distance Algorithm: TSQL Implementation by Joseph Gama (from Michael Gilleland)

35x Improved T-SQL LevenShtein Distance Algorithm...at a cost by Brent Bulla, Jr. (from Joseph Gama)

Levenshtein Edit Distance Algorithm - for nvarchar(3999) by Arnold Fribble (from Joseph Gama)

Microsoft SQL, but not T-SQL

Double Metaphone Phonetic Matching by Michael Coles (sqlservercentral.com)

Finding Similar Strings With Fuzzy Logic Functions Built Into MDS by Valentino Vranken (sqlserverpedia.com)

SSIS Fuzzy Lookups and Groupings Provide Powerful Data Cleansing Capabilities by Jay Nathan (MSDN)

Roll Your Own SSIS Fuzzy Matching / Grouping (Jaro - Winkler) by Ira Warren Whiteside (sqlservercentral.com)

Other String Similarity Metrics

Site devoted to fuzzy searching and information retrieval by Leonid Boytsov

SimMetrics, a Similarity Metric Library by Sam Chapman (UK Sheffield University)

Unicode Canonical Equivalence, Compatibility, and Normalization (wikipedia.org)


The SQL of Scrabble and Rapping by Phil Factor (real name withheld)

Scrabble letter distributions (wikipedia.org) - Because there is only one Z, FUZZY must use a blank tile, and PIZZAZZ cannot be played or scored.